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To submit from within 3ds Max, select the Deadline menu item that you created during the integrated submission script setup.

If you are submitting from RPManager, just select the Network tab in RPManager after setting up the integrated submitter.

With this option enabled, a job will be submitted with its task count equal to the number of Slaves you specify, and it will render the current frame in the scene file.

The Slave that picks up task 0 will be the “master”, and will wait until all other tasks are picked up by other Slaves (unless Dynamic Start has been enabled in plugin config).

The rollout title will change to include an ACTIVE: prefix and the “Single-Frame” or “Animation” token when the respective mode is selected in the Region Rendering Mode drop-down list (see above).

Then press ESC to cancel and press the Get Region From Active View to capture the new values.

The file name of the new template will be set as the current MAXScript Job file automatically.

If a file name is already selected in the UI, you will be prompted about replacing it first.

Your custom MAXScript file MUST be submitted with the 3ds Max job (so a snapshot of the code file is taken).

Ensure, via SMTD, the This rollout contains all controls related to defining, managing and animating multiple regions for the’Jigsaw’ modes.

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